Our Students

We serve young people who have struggled academically and who have significant socio-emotional needs. Our high school serves approximately 300 students from all Wards in Washington D.C., but with a high population (85%) of students from Wards 7 and 8, traditionally underserved and high poverty communities in the District.

At our High School

  • Approximately 85 percent of students receive free/reduced lunch
  • Over 50 percent of our high school students have repeated a grade, have a history of chronic truancy or suspension/expulsion, and have been incarcerated or are in the foster care system;
  • 33 percent of our students have special needs, which is twice the average for public charter schools in Washington, D.C.; and
  • 75 percent of our high school students are at least three grade levels behind academically.

As evident from the above, Maya students have significant academic and personal challenges to overcome. However, through our comprehensive programming, and their dedication to change their lives, our students achieve success. In the Class of 2012,

  • 83% of our graduates were accepted to college, and
  • 36 of the 50 seniors received a $50,000 Achiever’s Scholarship, totaling $1.8 million!

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