Post-Secondary Scholarship 2016




Through the years, the Post-Secondary Success Department has seen a lot of the success of the Maya Angelou Public Charter School graduates. With that, we have also seen a lot of struggle that has made it hard for quite a few. This scholarship is for just that! The best candidate would prove to be resilient—the two recipients (alumnus and current graduating classman) would have a proven history of being able to rise to the challenge. This scholarship is to be used as a support, not the reason the candidate was able to keep moving forward.  We are offering the following:

5 awards of $500 each:

2 (male and female) for 2016; 1 for 2015; 1 for 2014; 1 for 2013



Have graduated from MAPCS as a member of the classes of 2013, 2014, or 2015.

Must be in a post-secondary program.

Must have started a plan within a year of graduating from MAPCS, and did not take more than a year off from that plan.

Have a GPA greater or equal to 2.75 and enrolled at least half time.


Must be set to begin a plan within 6mons of receiving the award (in June), but could not have graduated more than 2yrs prior to applying for that year’s award.

All alumni applicants: 1-page response: What has gotten you to this particular place in life, and how do you plan to meet your goals moving forward?

Class of 2016:

Must be nominated by a staff member of the See Forever/Maya Angelou Public Charter School (submitted by May 16th COB)

Must have a post-secondary plan in place and starting the plan within 6mons of receiving the award (in June).

Class of 2016 applicants: 1-page response: What supports do you have in place to help you meet your goals?

1 interview conducted by a member of the Committee

All applicants:

Please submit the completed packet to Domonique Johnson, at by May 20th, COB.

  • Completed application
  • 1 letters of recommendation
  • 1 page response