Our Results

Maya Angelou students out pace their peers and improve academically at rates that far exceed their prior pace of learning.

At the Maya Angelou Public Charter High School

Of the students who graduated in 2014 and 2015:

  • 63% of our students enrolled in a post-secondary program
  • 57% of our students received post secondary scholarships
  • Our students earned more than 2.75 million in scholarships, including 2.7M received through DC Achievers Scholarship Program. 

At The Young Adult Learning Center

During the 2013-2014 and 2014- 2015 academic years:

  • 74% of our students passed the GED exam
  • 68% of our students who were enrolled in workforce programs, earned their credentials
  • 59% of our students made substantial academic growth in reading and/or math during their enrollment, as measured by a pre- and post- test.

At the Maya Angelou Academy

During the 2014-2015 academic year:

    • Our students improved 1.4 years and 1.7 years in math and reading, compared to advancing 0.5 grade levels per year in math and reading before attending the Academy
    • Our students earned credits at an 87% rate–more than 3 times the rate they were achieving before attending the Academy
    • 71% of our scholars were positively engaged in school, a job, or a group home 120 days after returning to the community; compared to 23% in our first year of operation (2007-08)

By subject:

    • 92% of our scholars achieved mastery in English classes
    • 88% of our scholars achieved mastery in Math classes
    • 85% of our scholars achieved mastery in Science classes
    • 83% of our scholars achieved mastery in Social Studies classes

Our schools have been recognized, as well, for the work we have done in support of students.

  • The Academy has been called one of the best€™ educational programs in a correctional setting by national experts, and the turnaround at the school termed remarkable.€™
  • Maya Angelou Schools have been featured in national and local publications including Education Week and The Washington Post Magazine.