The Maya Way and Mission

The Maya Way is a comprehensive approach to education that focuses on academic achievement, social and emotional support, and career and college preparation so students are ready for life after Maya.

  • The Maya Way is a belief in the potential of every young person to achieve.
  • The Maya Way is a commitment to parents that we will never give up on their child.
  • The Maya Way empowers students to transform their lives so they can See Forever!

Our mission is to create learning communities in lower income urban areas where all students can grow academically and socially. At Maya Angelou, our students develop the academic, social, and employment skills they need to build rewarding lives and promote positive change.

WH photoAt the Maya Angelou Schools…

Our high school provides a comprehensive education in a non-traditional setting to all students including those who have not been successful in their educational experiences. We will achieve this through a demanding academic program, socio-emotional learning support, and tiered interventions that focus on the whole child. Our students will leave us with a foundation to be successful in their pursuit of education and careers.

Maya Design Principles


  • PersonalizedAt Maya Angelou, our school is personalized and prepared to foster student achievement and growth in a culture of high expectations.
  • RelevantAt Maya Angelou, our students engage relevant learning that applied to the real world.
  • Continuous LearningAt Maya Angelou, we believe in authentic and multiple assessments that strengthen student understanding and growth.
  • School CultureAt Maya Angelou, we maintain a school culture based on trust, respect, responsibility, and nonviolence, and one that celebrates student accomplishments at every opportunity.
  • Comprehensive SupportAt Maya Angelou, we offer opportunities and extended supports for the whole student.
  • Strong Ties to the CommunityAt Maya Angelou, we have strong ties to the community, enabling our students to learn from others, and others to learn from them.
  • Social JusticeAt Maya Angelou, we are committed to bringing social justice into the school community.
  • Focus on the FutureAt Maya Angelou, we focus on the future as well as the present.
  • Engage Family and FriendsAt Maya Angelou, we engage families, caregivers and friends in the lives of our students.
  • Shared LeadershipAt Maya Angelou, we believe strong, accountable, shared leadership is a key to school success.

Maya Angelou Graduates are:

  • Positive contributors to their families, communities and society
  • Young adults who possess mental-toughness and the skill-sets to be successful
  • Progress in future academic endeavors and compete in the work force
  • Leaders and change agents who will have the ability to compete in an ever changing society and beyond
  • Young adults who desire to excel and who are self-reliant
  • Young adults who are college and career-ready
  • Matured to become a well-rounded, culturally-aware adult
  • Adults who appreciate diversity
  • Self-sufficient members of society
  • Able to compete academically in an ever-changing environmentSnGrad20131369