The Students

We serve young people who have struggled academically and who have significant socio-emotional needs.

At our public charter schools

  • Over 50 percent of our high school students have repeated a grade, have a history of chronic truancy or suspension/expulsion, and have been incarcerated or are in the foster care system;
  • Nearly 30 percent of our students have special needs, which is twice the average for public charter schools in Washington, D.C.;
  • 75 percent of our high school students are at least three grade levels behind academically; and
  • 85 percent of our students have experienced trauma.

At the Maya Angelou Academy

  • Young men arrive, on average, at the age of 17 with only three high school credits, and functioning at the fifth grade level.
  • 50 percent of the young men have been identified with special needs; and
  • 10 percent labeled mentally retarded.

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