The Academy of Hospitality and Tourism

The Academy of Hospitality and Tourism (AOHT) is the newest initiative in the MAPCS Post-Secondary Success programs focused on student success after high school. The AOHT has an open enrollment policy for students entering the 10th grade, who have an interest in exploring career paths in the hospitality and tourism industry (and its many associated careers i.e. real estate, accounting and medical services), and for students who have set their sights on attending college. The course of study is three years. It is a rigorous academic program, with a significant work-based learning component (field trips, guest speakers, and job shadowing), culminating in a high-level paid internship. Scholars of the AOHT will enjoy a personalized element to their high school experience; with staff focused on each individual’s specific college and career aspirations. Academic supports such as mentoring, tutoring and counseling will be readily available—and in some cases mandatory—for all AOHT students. Under the banner of NAF (formerly the National Academy Foundation), the AOHT is part of a national network of schools and corporate partners that have a track record of success for over 30 years. With a graduation rate of 97%, NAF academies are “structured as small, focused learning communities that fit within and enhance high school systems.”

Mission Statement:

To expose MAPCS students to an array of career pathways under the umbrella of Hospitality and Tourism, while providing them with rigorous training and experiential learning opportunities to facilitate their entry, advancement and success in the workplace.

Vision Statement:

To harness the resources, expertise and goodwill of MAPCS internal and external communities for the engagement, engrossment, and empowerment of our Academy of Hospitality and Tourism students to transform their lives, excel in the workplace, and become beacons of hope as productive members of society.

Download the MAPCS AOHT Policies and Standards

Course of Study

  1. Intro to Hospitality and Tourism
  2. How to Deliver Great Customer Service
  3. Hospitality Marketing
  4. Event Planning
  5. Professional Ethics
  6. Sustainable Tourism

Our Team

Akoshia Yoba

Akoshia Yoba

Akoshia Yoba, Director, Career Academy, leads the development and implementation of all Academy of Hospitality and Tourism programs and initiatives. Yoba is a longtime educator, hospitality trainer and communication specialist.

Brittany Yarbaugh

Brittany Yarbaugh

Brittany Yarbaugh received a Bachelors of Science in Hospitality Management  from Tuskegee University and is currently teaching National Academy Foundation- Hospitality and Tourism at Maya Angelou High School. A strong advocate for advocate of hands-on, project-based learning, she involves her students in a variety of  college & career readiness and technology-infused activities that provide them with opportunities to use their soft skills to help others. Her professional interests focus on communicative approaches to career readiness teaching and cooperative learning. 

Mary Okowi

Mary Okowi

Mary Okowi directs and manages the AOHT’s work-based learning and college readiness programs in her capacity as Coordinator of the Career Academy. Okowi formerly served as the College and Career Readiness Coordinator for MAPCS Post-Secondary Success programs.

How to Apply

The Academy of Hospitality and Tourism specifically targets MAPCS students entering the 10th grade. Students are provided with structured, rigorous, and engaging educational opportunities to expand their perspectives and expose them to new experiences. Interested students should have a desire to:

  1. Be successful
  2. Explore different college and career pathways
  3. Meet industry professionals
  4. Gain new perspectives
  5. Work alongside a cohort of like-minded students
  6. Create a positive learning community

Click the link below to download and complete the AOHT Application. Please return to Mary Okowi in room 420, or email

Academy of Hospitality and Tourism

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Get Involved

The Academy of Hospitality and Tourism provides a range of opportunities for individuals to support our efforts. Some of those opportunities include:

  • Volunteering as a guest speaker about your industry
  • Providing job shadowing opportunities for AOHT students
  • Providing access for student externship(s)/internship(s)
  • Facilitating a workshop
  • Conducting or organizing a work-site tour for AOHT scholars

If you are interested in supporting the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism in any capacity, please feel free to email