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The Maya Angelou Alumni Support Program is designed to provide support to all Maya Angelou High School, Young Adult Learning Center, and Maya Angelou Academy graduates with the execution of the post-secondary plan they began developing while earning their high school credential. 

Scholars and their families will receive direct support as the scholar transitions from the Maya Angelou schools to their chosen college, training program, or place of employment.   Contact Katia Jones, Director Of Post Secondary Success, at  










College Wear Wednesdays

The Maya Way to College and Careers

Students starting from the freshman class through to the adults at our Young Adult Learning Center are provided with several opportunities to be exposed to top performing Universities and thriving, honorable careers.

  We host many college/career preparation events aligned to local and national campaigns. A few of our signature events are listed below:   

• National College Awareness Month in November 

• DC Citywide College Application Day #IAPPLIED 

• College Tours, North and Southern legs of USA
(Overnight, week-long series of events)

• College and Career Fair (Fall/Spring)  

• DC Citywide/National College Signing Day  

Enjoy a few testimonials fr
om Maya Scholars:  

“In someway, Maya helped me realize that I’m going to pursue music or go into HVAC. I’m confident that Maya has prepared me for what’s coming in the world.”  

“My goal is to be the first person in my family to say I graduated and I went to college.” 

“School just really wasn’t that important to me. Now, I’m trying to make up for it, attempting to the get the best grades I can, so that I can get into college and succeed in life.”  

Our Alumni

Celebrating the Class of 2020 

While we recognize the importance of a high school graduation, we must also remind each graduate that the journey is just beginning. This year’s graduating class has plans to enroll in a variety of traditional colleges and training programs and begin fellowships and military careers. 

Here are some of our 2019 Maya Way Scholarship Recipients:

  • Andre Jones – Saluditorian, Class of 2019 
    • “One of the biggest things I’ve learned while at Maya was to never take things for granted, no matter how big or small.” 
  • Loriel Taylor 
    • “As I reflect on my high school experience, I know I’ve grown a lot, overcome challenges, and learned lessons.” 
  • Andrea Cofield 
  • Anna Cofield 
  • Erica Jones 
  • Jarrell Holley 

Want to support our Alumni Initiatives? We’re always in need for additional resources to sustain and grow helpful resources for our alumni network. To donate to the Alumni Program, please click here.


Maya Angelou Schools and See Forever Foundation
Maya Angelou Schools and See Forever Foundation
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