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Black Broadway Performing Arts

Black Broadway Performing Arts Company, LLC provides performing arts programs for schools using an original, comprehensive Black History and Literacy curriculum. We are an educational program that utilizes theater and music arts to teach history and strengthen literacy skills. We believe that that all young people have the ability to succeed, and should be offered the opportunity to learn and achieve through artistic expression. It is our desire, as educators and artists, to assist and equip youth with the tools needed to fulfill their greatest potentials. The vision for Black Broadway Performing Arts Company is for every young person to be artistically engaged, and inspired to achieve their goals. At the heart of Black Broadway’s approach is Positive Youth Development. Positive Youth Development refers to intentional efforts of other youth, adults, communities, government agencies and schools to provide opportunities for youth to enhance their interests, skills, and abilities.

This fall, Black Broadway joined the Maya Angelou family to provide an engaging, introductory performing arts course for the students. The course fuses Black History and Performing Arts concepts to develop strong values of discovery, expression, and identity. Students use film, music, and media to understand stories about Ancient African Empires, traveling through time to present day issues in America. Students use their personal stories and newly learned concepts to develop pieces to share at the quarterly production.

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