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The Young Adult Learning Center
@ Maya Angelou Learning Campus

The YALC continues to be one of the highest performing GED graduate programs in the District.
In-person or virtual General Education Diploma Classes and CTE Workforce Certifications for adults 17 and up.
Nails | Barbering | Hair Styling | IT
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Kewanna Wade-Wooden (She/Her)
☎ 202-289-8898 ext. 1709 | 202-684-5884
DID YOU KNOW? If you lean on the Maya family tree staff and faculty, you will be covered! We provide help for all students including: housing and/or food insecure YALC students, parenting and grandparenting YALC students, and previously incarcerated YALC students. The YALC offers an accredited, quality accessible GED education with an optional choice of several cosmetology technical certifications for DC residents. 

Take advantage of a vast range of educational opportunities to earn your high school equivalency diploma and achieve career success at the Maya Angelou YALC. You can earn your diploma and secure your CTE certificate while exploring a variety of in-house professional development resources, arts showcases, child/whole family friendly events, and innovative career-boosting workshops.

All of our instructors are highly qualified professionals who teach small, round table-style classes. You will receive personalized, individual attention through a variety of interesting teaching styles, mentorships and networking opportunities, and free homework or tutoring help when requested or needed. Our core examinination subjects center around:

💬 Reasoning Through Language Arts
🗽 Social Studies
🌿 Science
🧮 Mathematics

All of our courses are taught with an emphasis on creative projects and competitions, important critical thinking skills and active participation. Students have the option to attend a daily 3-hour course in the morning or afternoon. Students may also attend classes virtually between the hours of 9:00am to 2:00pm. We do not offer nighttime classes at this time.

Do you know a non-traditional teen, older adult or continuing education student who needs their GED? Send them to the Maya Angelou YALC!


If you have a scholar in mind that you think would benefit from attending the YALC’s GED/CTE program please contact Kewanna Wade-Wooden (she/her) at or (202) 289-8898 ext. 1709/202-684-5884 (mobile). Include your full name and phone number, as well as the contact information of the person (or people) you are referring to the YALC GED/CTE program. Tours and appointments available.


⚫ At the YALC and Maya Angelou Schools, we warmly embrace students who require Special Education services and additional academic or socioemotional support. Enrolled YALC students and Maya Alumni can benefit from counseling, mentoring and referrals from our licensed and qualified mental health practitioners and student success managers.

🔴 Our staff and faculty have on-site, qualified administrators, social workers and clinicians who will gladly provide suggested or necessary accommodations to ensure that every student has a smooth school day, successful graduation and an overall enriching experience at the YALC.



The Maya Angelou YALC provides year-round GED preparation and workforce development for young people ages 17 and up.  Through education at our school, students will be active participants in their community, as well as develop skills that will prepare them for the workforce and empower them to pursue career and post-secondary pathways of their choice. Through education at our school, students will be active participants in their community, as well as develop skills that will prepare them for the workforce and empower them to pursue career and post-secondary pathways of their choice.

At the YALC, we are committed to providing an education that will foster lifelong learning for our students. We strive to provide a safe, distraction-free, structured learning environment that is conducive to the scholar’s individual needs. Our school is specifically tailored to adults 17 years of age and older who have made the conscious decision to return to school after being away for quite some time.


Even though our students are very busy with work and family, we still host a number of Student Life events throughout the year – family dinners on campus, term awards ceremonies, college trips, and outings just to museums to name a few. We offer:

◻ Immersive Field Trips
◻ Semester Awards Banquet

◻ Parenting Classes, Workshops & Resources
◻ Community Eats (Free Groceries)
◻ GED Olympics
◻ Art Festivals & Talent Showcases
◻ Culture & Heritage Trips
◻ Free daily breakfast & lunch at the YALC Cafe
◻ Community Service Opportunities
◻ Community and Campus Spa Days
◻ Mentor Groups Workshops & Resources