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  Resilient  Extraordinary Successful Individuals

The mission of the MAPCS Residential Program, commonly referred to “RESI” is to provide a safe and structured environment for our students, encouraging and supporting healthy adolescent development thus enabling them to make sound decisions in school as well as the larger global community.   

Students within the Maya Angelou Public Charter School program, grades 9-12, may be referred or voluntarily register to the program for various reasons that include attendance/academic concerns, challenging home environment, student’s desire to improve, assistance with post-secondary plans, etc.   

The MAPCS Residential Program serves slightly more than 10% of the MAPCS High School student population. Families are either referred or voluntarily sign up to receive the wrap around service in an effort to increase student supports and success while at MAPCS and beyond.

To receive more information about the Residential Program, contact Tuesday Hence, Director of Residential Programs, for more information at or 202-379-4335 ext 1221. 

Our Results  

Students that are enrolled within the Residential Program have shown the following positive outcomes:  

  • Passing grades in 87% of their courses where only 67% of non-residential students earned passing grades.      
  • In-seat attendance rate of 88%, which was 14 percent higher than the ISA of non-residential students, 74%.
  • Less than 10% of students enrolled in the residential program received an out-of-school suspension during their time in the program.    

Other positive outcomes include:  

  • Improved overall student attendance  
  • Improved academic performance 
  • Students begin to develop a sense of belonging 
  • Students’ lives become more stable 
  • Students gain pro-social peer interactions 
  • Students gain cultural exposure 
  • Students better understand the concept of family 
  • Students are better prepared for life after high school 
  • Students have an additional network of support 

Our Program Highlights

 “Resi” Motto: “Desire More. Be Better. See Forever 

Congratulations to our RESI 2020 Graduates

 Key Features of the

“Resi” Program


  • The program is FREE for all interested high school scholars, grades 9-12, that attend Maya Angelou Public Charter School 
  • Each student will be assigned to a house with peers that are current Maya Scholars  
  • There is one residential counselor assigned to each house with a ratio of 1(staff member) to 5 (scholars.)   
  • The Resi program is offered Monday-Thursday of each week. Students will independently check-in to their “Resi” home on Mondays after school and go home on Fridays after the school day. Curfews will be established during registration.  


The “Resi” program is closed during school holidays and  Winter, Spring and Summer breaks. Students will return home on the last active school day prior to a break or holiday after school.

  • Homecooked meals are provided to include a light breakfast, dinner and snacks. Lunch is provided to every student during the school day.    
  • Students independently travel to and from school everyday using public transportation (Metrobus, DC Circulator, and Metrorail) for FREE provided through the citywide Student Transit Program. Transportation for off-site field trips will be provided.   
  • Each student is provided with a bed, bed linens, closet, dresser, shared bathroom facilities, shared kitchen, shared living room space, & laundry facilities.  
  • Quarterly parent engagement activities and field trips for each Residential house.