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Young Adult Learning Center Enrollment (17+)

Enroll today! The Young Adult Learning Center (YALC) is a free program based in Washington, DC’s Ward 7, offering a GED and vocational certificate program for young adults 17 and over.

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The Maya Angelou Schools build a vital, multi-campus community of future DC-based high school and GED graduates by recognizing that learning is for all students, of all abilities, at all ages, in all stages. We believe that, with above-and-beyond wraparound services and student support, coupled with high expectations, all of our students–regardless of background–can succeed at college, career and beyond.

At the Maya Angelou Schools, we freely offer:

🏫 Small classroom environments specializing in Agriculture and Food SafetyCosmetology, IT Barbering, Nail Certifications and more
🥩 Gratis breakfast, lunch and snacks daily
📋 Both online and in-person classes and weekly attendance incentives
⏰ Flexible scheduling through morning and afternoon courses
💚 One-on-one counseling and mental health services
🧭 Field trips and study abroad opportunities

The key to our success is rooted in building trusting, respectful, nurturing relationships in and out of the YALC. We have safe spaces and facilities for all to be able to reach their limitless potential while we celebrate each other out loud years before graduation.


More About Our Programs


IT Tech Accelerator

Students undertaking our intensive four-month course in Digital Marketing, Help Desk, and Operations delve deep into these dynamic fields, acquiring vital skills and knowledge relevant to today’s tech-driven business landscape.

In the Digital Marketing segment, students explore integral concepts such as SEO, social media marketing, content creation, and data analytics, equipping themselves to navigate and thrive in the digital marketplace.

As students transition into the Help Desk module, they gain hands-on experience with widely used customer service platforms like Jira and Confluence. This experience enables them to develop strong troubleshooting skills and understand the intricacies of ticketing systems.

In the Operations module, students focus on mastering key productivity tools including Excel and Google Sheets, essentials in project management, operational efficiency, and data analysis.

Besides theoretical instruction, our curriculum strongly emphasizes practical application. This approach enables students to obtain widely recognized certifications in high-demand systems and technologies.

Upon completing this comprehensive course, students will be well-versed in digital marketing, help desk support, and operations management, and poised to make an immediate impact in any business setting.

The course will be delivered through a combination of lectures, class discussions, group activities, and guest speakers from the industry. Students will have opportunities to apply their knowledge through individual assignments and presentations. The class will encourage active participation and provide a platform for sharing experiences and insights.

Cosmetology Program


The General Cosmetology Course at the Maya Angelou Young Adult Learning Center is a comprehensive 1,500-clock-hour program designed to provide instruction in a wide range of cosmetology skills and techniques.

Students will learn about sanitation and sterilization, decontamination, and infection control practices, as well as hair cutting, coloring, perms, and other chemical services. The curriculum also covers hair styling techniques and other occupational requirements such as manicures, pedicures, and facials. YALC’s General Cosmetology Curriculum is designed to meet the requirements of the District of Columbia Board of Barber and Cosmetology, preparing students for a cosmetology operator’s license.

Once the student has completed the program and passed the DC State Board of Cosmetology examination for licensure, he/she will be qualified to obtain employment as a Cosmetologist, Hairstylist/Hairdresser, Manager Stylist, or Nail Technician (SOC Code 39-5012.00, 39-5091.00, 39-5092.00). Individuals who obtain a license can provide a variety of beauty services such as shampooing, cutting, coloring, styling hair, applying makeup, dressing wigs, performing hair removal, as well as providing nail and skin care services.


Barbering Program

The Barbering Styling Course is a 1,500-clock-hour program of study, which will include instruction on sanitation, sterilization, and safe work practices; implements, tools and equipment common to the barber profession; facial massage and treatment; shaving; haircutting and styling; mustache and beard design; hair coloring and chemical services; and other occupational requirements. YALC Barber-Styling curriculum conforms to the requirements of the District of Columbia Board of Barber and is designed to prepare students for a Barber license and profitable employment upon graduation. The curriculum also incorporates field trips and participation.

Once the student has completed the program and passed the DC State Board of Barber examination or licensure, he/she will be qualified to obtain employment as a Barber in a barber shop, as well as other opportunities (SOC Code 39-5011.00).

Makeup Courses

The Makeup 101 Course is a certificate program that does not require students to take a State exam upon completion. This 50-clock-hour program is designed to introduce students to the art of makeup application and provide them with a basic understanding of foundational skills. Upon completion of the program, students will be qualified to pursue entry-level positions at department store beauty counters, salons, or as independent contractors.

Throughout the program, students will receive instruction and training in various aspects of makeup application, including skin care, client consultation, eye color, foundation blending, and full-face application. Additionally, the curriculum covers topics related to the business of makeup.


Nail Technology

The Nail Technology Course is a 350-clock-hour program of study, which will include the art and science of nails–hands and feet–and the necessary skills and knowledge to become a licensed manicurist. Training includes hand, arm, and leg massage techniques; disease detection and sanitation methods; safety precautions; and artificial nail enhancement services.

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Young Adult Learning Center (YALC) enrollment

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Dr. Sean Yisrael