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Maya Angelou Schools Mission & Touchstone

Growth is a measurable process that requires healthy conditions and ample time. The Maya Angelou Schools and See Forever Foundation have been in operation for over 25 years, and through each stage of our development, we have measured our progress and feel it’s time to reintroduce ourselves with a refreshed mission statement that best describes who we are today. As our scholars work their way through goal setting, post-secondary planning and ultimately academic promotion and the graduation stage, we are thankful that you have supported us on our journey to positively impact the lives of opportunity and justice-involved youth.


Maya empowers opportunity and justice-involved youth to transform the trajectory of their lives. We do this by engaging each of our scholars in a restorative, relevant school experience that prioritizes personalized academic support, well-being, and preparation for the post-Maya pathway of their choice. With an education in our network of schools, our scholars will do more than succeed – they will thrive!


At the Maya Angelou Schools, the key to our success is rooted in building trusting, respectful and nurturing relationships with each other. We strive to create safe spaces for all to be able to reach their limitless potential. We are at our best when we work together to ensure the unique needs of our community are met. We empower each other to grow successfully so we can see forever! This is how we live the Maya Way, even when no one is watching.

Today, the See Forever Foundation is a nonprofit and youth development organization, which manages the network of Maya Angelou Schools. We support the Maya Angelou Public Charter School; the Young Adult Learning Center (YALC); and three Maya Angelou Academies (MAA) in secured settings — MAA at New Beginnings, MAA at Youth Services Center, and MAA at DC Department of Corrections.


  • YALC: 88.9% of students who attained a GED or workforce credential with us in school year 2022-2023 successfully entered the workforce or post-secondary program.
  • MAA @ New Beginnings: 77% of scholars passed the GED on or before their third attempt after qualifying.
  • MAPCS: 79.5% of HS graduates in school year 2022-2023 successfully entered the workforce or a post-secondary pathway within one year of graduation


The Maya Angelou Schools believe in being data driven. To inform our practice. The organization has built software systems and a continuous improvement cycle to support student growth and achievement. Our data practices, like our schools, are designed to support the whole child. We collect academic and non-academic data to provide multi-faceted interventions to best serve our students. We continue to use all that we have learned in over 25 years of serving opportunity youth to inform the field.