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The Maya Angelou Schools and See Forever Foundation’s mission is to create learning environments in  low income, urban communities where all students, particularly those who have not succeeded in traditional schools, can reach their potential and prepare for college, career and a lifetime of success. 

In 1997, a student of what was formerly the See Forever School entered into an essay contest to   rename to the school   after renowned poet,   activist Dr. Maya   Angelou. James   Forman Jr., co- founder, was very closely connected Dr.  Angelou and asked   for her blessing.     With full support  the  See Forever   School was officially  named The Maya  Angelou Public   Charter School. Dr. Angelou made a commitment to visit the school every year. Pictured to the right is Dr. Angelou at an annual fundraising event. 

See Forever grew out of Project Soar, a program for teens that began in 1995. Project Soar was a nonprofit tutoring and job-

training program, run from a small pizza delivery restaurant in D.C. The program integrated after-school tutoring and academic remediation with on-the-job training and paid work in an actual business. Students came to the pizza shop for two hours of tutoring and then staffed the restaurant from 5:00pm until closing during the week and full-time on weekends.  

On a daily basis, the program was staffed by Co-founder David Domenici, one social worker, and 5-6 teens, all of whom were recruited from among the juvenile clients represented by the Public Defender Service, where Co-founder James Forman, Jr., was an attorney. Two years later in 1997, Project Soar evolved into an integrated, comprehensive, school-based charter school for court-involved teens.  Its name was See Forever and served 20 students, all of whom were committed to the Department of Youth and Rehabilitation Services or on probation. 

To meet the needs of our growing student population, particularly in the Ward 7 and Ward 8 areas of the District of Columbia, in September 2004, the See Forever Foundation opened a second campus of the Maya Angelou Public Charter School in partnership with the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS). Our second campus, location in the former DCPS Evans Middle School is located in the 5600 block of East Capitol Street, NE.

We assumed operation of the Maya Angelou Academy (formerly the Oak Hill Academy), serving incarcerated young men during the summer of 2007. That same year, in order to help these young men transition from incarceration, we opened the Transition Center, which has since evolved to become the Maya Angelou Young Adult Learning Center, serving disconnected young adults, ages  17-24,  across Washington, DC to help them gain a GED and workforce credentials. 

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In 2018, Maya Angelou Schools reached 20 years of service. View our Anniversary video here.


James Forman, Jr. (left) & David Domenici (right)
James Forman, Jr. (left) & David Domenici (right)



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