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During the 2020-2021 school year, Maya Angelou Public Charter High School, MAPCS, and Maya Angelou Young Adult Learning Center (YALC) will be going through Middle States Accreditation.

Here is a brief timeline of the process:

  • 2021-VISITS (YALC and HS)

Below you will find information on the planning committee.  For more information about the accreditation process, visit the MSA website.

High School

Accreditation Planning Team

  • Azalia H. Speight, Chief of Schools
  • Enje Brown, Director of Operations
  • Taihra Jones, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development/ Internal Coordinator
  • External Coordinator
  • Dr. Kamal Wright-Cunningham-Self Study Coordinator
  • Principal Dean Weeks


Accreditation Implementation Team

Standard 1 Mission and Philosophy: Dean Weeks, Principal & L’Tanya Holley

Standard 2 Governance and Leadership : Azalia H. Speight, Leah Lamb, Dr. Clarisse Mendoza Davis 

Standard 3 School Improvement Team: Azalia H. Speight, Dean Weeks, Kari Smith, Taihra Jones

Standard 4 Finances: Enje Brown, Marvin Harden

Standard 5 Facilities: Enje Brown

Standard 6 School Organization and Staff: Leah Lamb

Standard 7 Health and Safety: Dean Weeks, David Clarke

Standard 8 Educational Programs: Taihra Jones, Shantelle Wright-Cunningham

Standard 9 Assessment and Evidence of Student Learning: Taihra Jones, Shantelle Wright-Cunningham

Standard 10 Student Services: Dean Weeks, Katia Jones, Kamal Wright-Cunningham, Russell Waller

Standard 11 Student Life and Activities: Dean Weeks, David Clarke, L’Tanya Holley

Standard 12 Information Resources: Marvin Harden

For more information regarding the MSA Process, please contact Taihra Jones at