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Welcome to the Maya Academies
A National Model of Juvenile Justice

Maya Angelou Academy @ New Beginnings

💻 Maya Angelou Academy @ New Beginnings
📍 8400 River Rd, Laurel, MD 20724
📞 (202) 299-3227

Residents at New Beginnings are referred to as scholars, setting a tone of respect and high expectations when they first enter the facility. Throughout their time at New Beginnings, these scholars participate in therapeutic, level-based programming, designed to help them prepare to return to the community READ MORE

Maya Angelou Academy @ DC Jail

💻 Maya Angelou Academy @ DC Jail
📍 1901 D Street SE, Washington, DC 20003
📞 (202) 698-5978

Without intervention, only one in 10 adjudicated delinquent students will go on to get a high school diploma. The Maya Angelou Academy at DC Jail, located between the DC Armory and the Anacostia River, works everyday to change this statistic, and encourages students to not only graduate, but to go on and explore postsecondary education options and careers READ MORE

Maya Angelou Academy @ Youth Services Center

💻 Maya Angelou Academy @ Youth Services Center
📍 1000 Mount Olivet Rd. NE, Washington, DC 20002
📞 (202) 576-8388

The Academy within the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services' Youth Service Center provides a safe, nurturing, and mutually respectful environment that motivates and prepares incarcerated young people to fulfill their academic or career potential READ MORE

We believe that the powerful values, teaching standards and quality secondary school curriculum of the Maya Angelou PCS and the Young Adult Learning Center should be rightfully transferred to juvenile detainees in correctional settings. Maya Schools in secure settings are known as Maya Academies.

Our positive and purpose-filled approach to correctional education successfully mirrors an academically challenging school day – including creative outlets, clubs and team/relationship building activities. We keep students as positively engaged and productive as possible. Consistency in scholarship is critical in closing the achievement gap for all students who are temporary wards of the state. In doing so we transform the lives of our scholars as we support their mind, body and spirit during a temporary turbulent point in their lives.

The Maya Academies believe that in order to teach effectively, we must:

Work together to uplift student voices and talents
Build trust with our students by keeping our word, and telling the truth – even when it’s hard!
Dwell in the solutions, not the challenges
Search for proven strategies wherever they exist, and share our findings as an industry leader of correctional education
Partner collaboratively with each other, families, and communities

Helpful links for families of incarcerated youth attending one of the Maya Academies:

About the Maya Way “The kids who need the most, will get the best!”


The Maya Angelou Schools and See Forever Foundation's mission is to create learning environments in low income, urban communities where all students, particularly those who have not succeeded in traditional schools, can reach their potential and prepare for college, career and a lifetime of success. At the Maya Angelou Schools and Academies, we prepare our scholars fo life beyond the diploma.


At the Maya Academies, located in juvenile correctional settings, the key to our success is rooted in building trusting, respectful and nurturing relationships with each other. We strive to create safe spaces for all to be able to reach their limitless potential. We are at our best when we work together to ensure the unique needs of our community are met. We empower each other to grow successfully so we can see forever. This is how we live the Maya Way, even when no one is watching.


Since it began operating in 1997, the See Forever Foundation’s mission has been to create a learning communities in lower-income urban areas where all students, particularly those who have not succeeded in traditional schools, can succeed academically and socially. The Foundation operates the Maya Angelou Schools in DC, as well as the Maya Angelou Academy at New Beginnings’ secure facility for committed youth in Laurel, MD. Our students develop the academic, social, and employment skills they need to build rewarding lives and promote positive change.


To learn more about career opportunities with Maya Angelou Schools and See Forever Foundation please visit:

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