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About the School

Location: 5600 East Capitol Street, NE, Washington, D.C. 20019
Phone: (202) 379-4335 | Fax: (202) 506-5749

Maya Angelou Public Charter School (MAPCS) offers students a relevant and rigorous academic curriculum with wraparound support to meet a wide variety of educational and emotional needs.  Our focus is on making students ready for the world, helping them to be career prepared, and assisting them in becoming lifelong learners and contributors to society. 

Many of our students face challenges in their home life and experience trauma or upheaval that requires a different approach from traditional schools. MAPCS delivers integrated social and emotional health services that at-risk students need to become self-sustaining adults, as well as a comprehensive school curriculum that emphasizes college – and career – readiness skills. 

Our Blended Learning Model combines face-to-face instruction with technology and online learning with student individual learning plans to meet students at their learning level and give them what they need to catch up, keep up or get ahead.

In addition, MAPCS is one of a few D.C. schools offering the advantages of residential and boarding programs to select students who benefit from the stability of a safe, supportive, and structured environment.


Perhaps the most compelling difference between Maya Angelou and traditional public schools is the level of work educators put into catering to the complex and acute needs of our students, through the following programs:


Specialists work directly in classes and with the same group of students to support both the academic and social emotional growth of scholars.  Mental health counselors provide group and individual counseling services as required.


Maya Angelou provides a safe, therapeutic and structured environment for students who are in need of a secure place to live Monday through Friday in order for them to succeed at school. Currently, there are approximately 20 students living in group-based supervised residential homes throughout the city.


MAPCS emphasizes skills that are important for college and/or career success and offers students a solid proficiency standard for learning upon high school graduation. In addition to our Business Institute and Academy of Hospitality and Tourism, the entire high school participates in college and career visits, information sessions and fairs. All students are required to submit a minimum of four (two- and four-year) college applications.


The Academy of Hospitality and Tourism (AOHT) is the newest initiative in the MAPCS Post-Secondary Success programs focused on student success after high school. The AOHT has an open enrollment policy for students entering the 10th grade, who have an interest in exploring career paths in the hospitality and tourism industry (and its many associated careers i.e. real estate, accounting and medical services), and for students who have set their sights on attending college. The course of study is three years. It is a rigorous academic program, with a significant work-based learning component (field trips, guest speakers, and job shadowing), culminating in a high-level paid internship. Scholars of the AOHT will enjoy a personalized element to their high school experience; with staff focused on each individual’s specific college and career aspirations. Academic supports such as mentoring, tutoring and counseling will be readily available—and in some cases mandatory—for all AOHT students. Under the banner of NAF (formerly the National Academy Foundation), the AOHT is part of a national network of schools and corporate partners that have a track record of success for over 30 years. With a graduation rate of 97%, NAF academies are “structured as small, focused learning communities that fit within and enhance high school systems.”


This program provides intensive support to alums for the first two years following high school (and ongoing support for all alum) so that graduates can “beat the odds” for college access and persistence. Graduates receive assistance such as help in researching and selecting a college or trade program, securing financial aid packages and course selection.


The Family Resource Center empowers family members to invest in their child’s education and helps families and individuals to capitalize on their strengths, learn new skills, and connect with people and resources in Washington, D.C.  In addition, our Food Pantry and Clothing Closet provides students and their families can find clothing, non-perishable foods, baby clothes and diapers for our teen parents, hygiene products, among other items.


Black Broadway Performing Arts Company, LLC provides performing arts programs for schools using an original, comprehensive Black History and Literacy curriculum. We are an educational program that utilizes theater and music arts to teach history and strengthen literacy skills. We believe that that all young people have the ability to succeed, and should be offered the opportunity to learn and achieve through artistic expression. It is our desire, as educators and artists, to assist and equip youth with the tools needed to fulfill their greatest potentials. The vision for Black Broadway Performing Arts Company is for every young person to be artistically engaged, and inspired to achieve their goals.  At the heart of Black Broadway’s approach is Positive Youth Development. Positive Youth Development refers to intentional efforts of other youth, adults, communities, government agencies and schools to provide opportunities for youth to enhance their interests, skills, and abilities.

This fall, Black Broadway joined the Maya Angelou family to provide an engaging, introductory performing arts course for the students.  The course fuses Black History and Performing Arts concepts to develop strong values of discovery, expression, and identity.  Students use film, music, and media to understand stories about Ancient African Empires, traveling through time to present day issues in America.  Students use their personal stories and newly learned concepts to develop pieces to share at the quarterly production.


The Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Department is committed to helping students develop the social and emotional skills necessary to be successful while at the Maya Angelou Schools and as they move on to career and postsecondary pursuits. More specifically, our work is focused on building emotional capacity within our students and equipping them with the skills to negotiate many of the stressful life events that they have experienced at home and within the community.   To achieve these goals, the SEL Department follows a strength-based approach to enable students to achieve the following (5) core competencies:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management/Regulation
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Skills
  • Responsible Decision-Making


The Business Administration & Management pathway at MAPCS was launched in 2016 with the generous support of the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) through a Carl D. Perkins grant to support career and technical education programs.

Students are Maya Angelou PCS will enjoy the opportunity to complete a four course sequence that is

intended to prepare them to enter the workforce. Students who complete the entire sequence will have the opportunity to take an industry-recognized technical skill assessment intended to provide access to jobs in the business sector.

Extracurricular Activities

Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Cheerleading and Step Team

School Breakfast and Lunch 

Maya Angelou Public Charter High School is proud to offer free breakfast and lunch to all our high school students. We strive to serve quality food that exceeds the requirements of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (2010).  Breakfast is served daily from 8:45 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.  Lunch is served from 11:20 a.m. to 11:50 a.m. (first lunch) and 12:50 p.m. to 1:20 p.m. (second lunch). Students are assigned to one of these two time slots. See the links below for the current month’s menus.  If you have any questions about the National School Breakfast or Lunch Program, please contact Heather Hesslink at


Key Staff

Clarisse Mendoza
Chief of Schools
Dean Weekes