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Maya Angelou Young Adult Learning Center (YALC) Focus  

The Maya Angelou Young Adult Learning Center (YALC) provides year-round GED preparation and workforce development for young people ages 17 and up.   

At the YALC, we are committed to providing a quality education that will foster life-long learning for our students.  We strive to provide a safe, structured learning environment that is conducive to individual student needs and is specially tailored to young adults who have made the conscious decision to return to school after being away for quite some time. 

Through education at our school, students will be active participants in their community, as well as develop skills that will prepare them for the workforce and empower them to pursue career and post-secondary pathways of their choice. 

Our Results  

Our school continues to be one of the highest-performing in the District as it pertains to our number of GED graduates.  In addition, our school is ranked Tier 2 on the D.C. Public Charter School Board’s Performance Management Framework for Adult Schools.   

Our School Leadership Team  

Important Contacts for Students and Families 

Our Program Highlights 

Student Life

Even though our students are very busy with work and family, our school still hosts a number of Student Life events throughout the year – family dinners on campus, term awards ceremonies, college trips, and outings to museums to name a few. Below are the extracurricular program offerings:

  • YALC Basketball Team (competes with local adult leagues) 
  • GED Olympics
  • Cultural Trips  
  • Homebuilders INC Showcase 
  • Custom Screen-printing Business Club