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Maya Angelou Young Adult Learning Center (YALC) Focus  

The Maya Angelou Young Adult Learning Center (YALC) provides year-round GED preparation and workforce development for young people ages 17 and up.   

At the YALC, we are committed to providing a quality education that will foster life-long learning for our students.  We strive to provide a safe, structured learning environment that is conducive to individual student needs and is specially tailored to young adults who have made the conscious decision to return to school after being away for quite some time. 

Through education at our school, students will be active participants in their community, as well as develop skills that will prepare them for the workforce and empower them to pursue career and post-secondary pathways of their choice. 

Our Results  

Our school continues to be one of the highest-performing in the District as it pertains to our number of GED graduates.  In addition, our school is ranked Tier 2 on the D.C. Public Charter School Board’s Performance Management Framework for Adult Schools.   

Our School Leadership Team  

Important Contacts for Students and Families 

Our Program Highlights 

Student Life

Even though our students are very busy with work and family, our school still hosts a number of Student Life events throughout the year – family dinners on campus, term awards ceremonies, college trips, and outings to museums to name a few. Below are the extracurricular program offerings:

  • YALC Basketball Team (competes with local adult leagues) 
  • GED Olympics
  • Cultural Trips  
  • Homebuilders INC Showcase 
  • Custom Screen-printing Business Club


📌Monday, January 3rd Incident BriefingJanuary 25, 2023Dear Maya Community of Students, Alumni, Families, Faculty and Staff:In an effort to remain as transparent as possible, we are informing you of two separate incidents that occurred on and near the Maya Angelou Learning Campus on Monday, January 23, 2022. You may have already heard via local news outlets or from unsubstantiated social media accounts, but we at the See Forever Foundation and Maya Angelou Schools want to ensure that you have accurate information directly from our organization.Monday morning during our regular screening process at the entrance of the Young Adult Learning Center, one of our staff detected and confiscated a firearm from a student. The Metropolitan Police were called onsite, which is our safety protocol for all weapons. MPD officers arrived, interviewed and subsequently detained the student without incident. At no time were our staff or students in any danger. Separately, at approximately 1:30pm that day, a non-related shooting occurred along the 57th Place NE block near the school. An undetermined number of shots were fired. The entire Maya Angelou Learning Center was immediately put on lockdown until further investigation and clearance by MPD. Additionally, MPD remained in the area to assist with safe departure and passage from the area during dismissal. Parents and guardians received information and updates about these incidents via our Alert Now system and will be kept abreast of any new pertinent information. The wellbeing of our students and staff at the Maya Angelou Learning Center are of utmost importance. We will continue to work with MPD and other city agencies to ensure the safety of every student, staff and faculty member under the charge of Maya Angelou Schools. We are proud of the diligence, professionalism and strict adherence to protocol exhibited by our staff and school administrators. Because of them, our students, staff and community members remained safe and there was minimal interruption to campus operations. As a school, we were able to maintain our teaching and learning and focus on the core of our mission. It is, therefore, crucial to remind the entire DC community that Maya Angelou PCS and the YALC provide a safe, caring, and supportive environment to all. We will continue to do our utmost to create a space where learning and community building can take place daily.In addition to the above, and based on our scholar-centric and holistic approach, we are doing the following:- Providing classroom, group, and individual counseling through our Clinical Counseling Team to those students who may be experiencing anxiety, having difficulty concentrating or acting indifferent because of Monday’s incidents. - Working with MPD Student Resource Officers to ensure safety during the arrival and dismissal times of the school day.- Continuing to keep an open and honest dialogue going between the school and parents/guardians toward a strong partnership of supporting our scholars.- Conducting a school-wide Town Hall Meeting to address concerns, answer questions and determine additional ways in which supports are needed for our students and staff.This update is meant to communicate factual information to our Maya Family. While the events of Monday were addressed and our campus remained safe, the ongoing violence significantly impacts our young people, Ward 7, , and the broader ecosystem of charter, DCPS and independent schools here in the District. It is imperative that we all continue to work together to address the ongoing challenge of violence in our community. Please know that Maya remains committed to doing so.– See Forever Foundation & Maya Angelou Public Schools ... See MoreSee Less
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