YALC’s First 2014 GED Graduate: Chanaya Wheeler

YALC's first 2014 GED Graduate

Please join us in congratulating the Young Adult Learning Center’s first 2014 GED graduate, Chanaya Wheeler!  Ms. Wheeler came to the YALC in April of 2014 reporting that she had way too many credits to make up in her traditional high school and wanted to try the GED route instead.

The new GED is a very rigorous test with an emphasis on critical thinking, but Ms. Wheeler was able to gain the skills she needed to be successful and even helped tutor her classmates along the way. Ms. Wheeler started taking sections of the test early this fall after she turned 18. Last week, she passed the final section of the exam making her our very first graduate of the year.

She is enrolling at the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) for an associate’s degree in business and technology and plans to go on to earn a bachelor’s degree in accounting.  We know her journey will be filled with continued success.

Way to go, Chanaya!

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